Is Sober Boring

Is Sobriety Boring?

Is having fun
Out with friends
Seeing what the evening holds
and where it will end
Being safe
Being aware
Able to tell someone
how much you care
Is it boring?

Is laughing
with genuine happiness or glee
Whilst out for the night or just for tea
Is it boring?

Is watching a great movie
Whether a thriller, comedy or a
One you will actually remember
On a cold night in September
Is it boring?

Ok what about
Being 3 sheets to the wind when you’re out
Slurring and unaware
Too drunk to notice or care
How will you get home?
Your friends are in a similar way
Is it really ok?
Or is it boring?

What about when you’re sat at the table
laughing much too loud
Trying to catch the attention
of anyone around
They roll their eyes and look away
It’s a bit boring!

And what about the many times recently
With your bottle of wine for company
You forget to eat tea
You settle down
Watch a movie
Halfway through you frown
What happened then?
Who’s he?
This character you haven’t seen before
You’re sure!
Oh well off to bed
You can’t recall any of the story
Or the plot, in your head
Isn’t that boring?

You wake up tomorrow
Rub your brow
You’re hungover now
Half the day is gone
You feel lacklustre and wrong
Isn’t that boring!

Read by the author

This poem was composed by Floss The author of The Runaway Train  and Nailing the Narcissist

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