Sobriety in your pocket

Rose in jeans pocket

Have you ever thought as a child
how great would it would be
To have a secret superpower?
What wonderful things you could achieve
If you were full of energy
Not hindered by feeling too low
Too tired or unmotivated to go
To venture out to see what life really is
or could be about

Now you’re alcohol free
You could justifiably shout
“Hey look at me
I’m happy in my sobriety!”
You could keep it a secret
For when you need it
You know, your sober superpower
It’s in your pocket

If you’re a student studying for a degree,
I bet you’ll do it better alcohol free
Or if you’re out to impress the boss at an important event
Alcohol free you’re less likely
To get annoyed and vent
Do you agree?
Or if you really need someone to understand things from your point of view
You’ll do it all best as an alcohol free you

Whether you tell work, friends or family
What you’re trying to do
That’s up to you
Just go with how you feel
You’ll know
With sobriety in your pocket
The benefits are real!!!!!

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This poem was composed by Floss The author of The Runaway Train  and Nailing the Narcissist

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