Guilty Pleasure ?

Guilty woman Hiding

That terrorist’s web was hard to leave
Insisting that I had to believe
That one won’t hurt
You earned this treat
Food on the table
Plenty to eat
I functioned fine
No one knew
All seemed well
Hidden wine
This was my game
No room for two
Leave me alone with my hidden shame
I’ll deal with it later
When things are more calm
Not today though
Sweaty palm
Crack open a can
Muffle the sound .
I’m all alone
Checking the window
Glancing at the door
Only 1 , just one more
Panic strikes
Bottle is done
I’ll drive to the shop
A quick errand I’ll run
I’ll lie through my teeth
Say we need some more bread
I’ll choose a new store
Can bare the looks
The paranoid thoughts
Does she remember me from before
This was my life of lying & guilt
No way to live
I was starting to wilt
I promise you now
It’s not too late to start
If I can do this
Believe me you can
Ignore that terrorist
Change the plan
Just for today I know I am free
Tomorrow will be as I intend it to be
With me in control
No more guilt , no more shame
It’s poison , it’s lies
Always the same
Making life unsteady
I’m telling you this
But you know it already
Life can be bliss ✨✨✨

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