Sober October? What are the Benefits of a Month Alcohol-Free?

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to stop drinking for a month? Maybe you’ve thought that an alcohol detox would be a good idea but weren’t sure if you could pull off thirty days sober? Wouldn’t it be a great idea to take a break from the booze before the drinking season starts in earnest in November? Come join us for Sober October and we’ll be your cyber support network. You can read more about us Here and join  Here. But first a bit of inspiration …

If the idea of going sober for 30 days sounds to you like cutting off an arm ….
Fear not!
These are some of the benefits that you may well feel in as little as 30 days alcohol-free : ( and even more so in October with 31!)

1 – Having your mornings back (heck even your evenings!).
2 – Having clarity on what you have done or said the night before.
3 – Being able to live up to promises you have made – including being more present with loved ones and yourself.
4 – healthier body and mind.
5 – saving LOADS of money.

Unhungover mornings are definitely my number one.
Complete reduction in my anxiety.
A clear head
More time for me
Learning to love and respect myself
It’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Life once again has potential.
You can do this. 😘

Why Feel Trapped in Your Routine, Get Inspired! Stop drinking for a month and you may achieve :

Headspace, spontaneity, good mental health and SAFETY – I feel safe wherever I go, because I’m sober and can escape from awkward situations really quickly!

A positive outlook, great skin, no daily headaches, improved overall mood, honesty, and integrity – no more covering up my drinking and hiding it.

Better sleep, space, and the emotional strength to take stock of my life.
Pleasures in daily life were before I was just getting by.
Peace, not that incessant yap about booze.



Pride (as opposed to shame)



A deeper way to connect with myself and other, peace of mind, freedom, calmness, and more cash!

More cash? YES more cash!

In 30 days alcohol-free I have saved money, and have more self-respect, self-control great health and joy. Also, I lost the sharp tongue. And have more money!!!! 🌺🌸😍🥰💕

Think about it… December is right around the corner …

So come join us for Sober October. Accept and receive support in our peer-based community to make it non-negotiable that for the next 31 days you will go alcohol-free.

Join the party!

Alcohol-free time has given me the adventure of life back. Because I have the energy to pursue it and the mental clarity to enjoy it. Going Af has also given me back connection to others. And it has given me back the ability to discover myself !

Because waking up bright and fresh without a hangover is a lot of fun!
For some of us that just never gets old .

Halloween pumpkins - sober October party

Putting down the wine has given me mental clarity and energy, honesty (with myself…not hiding from myself anymore), access to feelings I was trying to drown (which doesn’t always feel good but is really important to my mental health), hangover-free mornings, greater appreciation of the beautiful “little things” in life.

So come check us out!

We are a free and independent community. No one will try to sell you any product or any idea, because most of us, when we put down the drink, discover that the need to drink that we’ve been hard sold all of our lives is just another big ol bag o B.S.

Rethink the Drink! Open Your Mind to the Possibilities
More thoughts from Our community on the benefits of taking a break from drinking.
Ocsober Pumkin Community  - Sober October with online support

1. No hangover
2. Getting to-do list done
3. Sleep
4. Actually enjoying things
5. Being present
6. Enjoying participating in a community that actually gives a s$&t about my well being
7. Energy to decide to do things above the minimum
8. Remembering all my time
9. Dog walking (not as a chore)
10. No hangover

1.) Lack of shame/self hatred
2.) Knowing I am helping to be the ‘real’ authentic me
3.) Healthier life
4.) Embrace the creativity that was swallowed up by alcohol.
5.) I want to FIGHT this battle. And I want to win. 

1. Time
2. Clear-headedness
3. Confidence
4. Energy
5. Patience

Emotional balance and mental clarity

Physical health and vitality

Relief from the shame and self-loathing

Increased creativity and productivity

Self-love, self-care, evolution

Read more from our community

Online Community Support to Stop Drinking – BOOM!

If you’re “sober curious” …If you are drinking too much too often and want to stop or take a break… Talk to Us

We are an independent, anonymous and private community who share resources, support and talk it through every day. It helps to have a community behind you in a world where alcohol is the only addictive drug that people will question you for NOT using

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