The Puppeteer

the alcohol puppeteer

Hello there,
Ooh a new batch
(Rubs hands together with glee)
Let’s have a look at this latest catch
Have a drink, here
No need to fear

Trust me and
Believe what you hear
About the compliments
And merriment associated with me
Come on
Follow along

Let me introduce myself
I’m the alcohol puppeteer
A narcissist if you please
And for my amusement
Take part or gather near
(I’m doing this with practiced ease
Just don’t start thinking for yourselves please!!!!!!)

I bet you’ll love what I say
You’ll only hear what you want to hear
I mean
To be part of this cool scene
Just ignore your slowly breaking dreams
Who cares about the small print anyway?!

About how you’ll eventually not be okay
And when I’m finished with you all
I can just chuck you away
On a pile of other broken dolls
When the poison has taken it’s toll

Also I’m the one that gets to choose
When it’s game over
If you listen to me and carry on
Not you!

Just as long as you don’t start to realise
What a compulsive liar I am
A total sham!

We’ll get along fine
At first
But I’ll get sick of you when you’re at your worst
Cast you aside
Sympathy I can’t abide
I don’t have a nice side!

Another cast is joining the play soon
I’ll direct those puppets too

You’re leaving the show of your own accord
What if our contract isn’t up yet?
Are you dissatisfied or bored?

OMG you know I’m not the boss
You’re figuring out you’re the one in control
Soon you’ll be on an AF roll
And it’ll be my loss!

Okay, as I’m finally being honest
As my parting gift I’ll tell you this
You’re not broken
You never were
You have the choice in what you do
The power is in you
What will you choose?
It’s up to you
Whether you win or whether you lose

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This poem was composed by Floss The author of  The Runaway Train  and Nailing the Narcissist

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