I Want that Bridge to Burn

With everything I’ve read
All I’ve so far learned 
I want that bridge to alcohol
To burn 
I want to walk on ahead 
And never look back 
More and more it’s becoming a fact 

If someone asked me
Tell me honestly 
Do you wish you could moderate your drink 
Or do you think 
Now you see
What could be reality 
You’d have preferred 
To never have tried alcohol before 
Not opened that particular door?

I know what I would now say
I wish I hadn’t touched that sh!t really 
No way 
There’s mainly only regret in hindsight 
And with that sometimes comes decay

So now I know 
The whole alcohol show
It’s a fake
Takes so much more than it ever gives 
Just no way to live 
Or a good example to your kids 

How can I teach emotional regulation if I can’t regulate my own 
As alcohol affects our emotions 
It’s a truly toxic potion 

I want the seeds of calm serenity 
In times of difficulty to be planted 
Not my children watching me struggle to cope 
Losing hope 
Whilst more and more wine is decanted

This poem was composed by Floss The author of  The Runaway Train  and Nailing the Narcissist

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