How Does Alcohol Effect Your Relationships?

A friend of mine went to a wedding last weekend hoping not to be triggered to drink and was surprised to find No ALCOHOL….

How cool is that and how very unusual!

It really is amazing how we expect to drink at every event that celebrates relationships….

Family dinner parties

Dinner with friends






Every single event that celebrates our connection to other human beings is supposed to include alcohol.

Even though my husband and I are both not drinking now the thought of inviting friends to our home for dinner without offering them wine is downright discourteous.

But I have learned that alcohol does not bind us together it isolates us from each other.

For me, it eventually took center stage and pushed relationships aside.

It took precedence over my family.

It is the fuel that fires senseless arguments and violence.

But the most important relationship in my life that alcohol destroyed was my relationship with myself.

It washed away my self-confidence.

My dependence was fed with shame.

It isolated me from my creativity and passion by numbing my senses.

For me, part of the process of getting to over four years sensationally sober was being able to talk about the damage that alcohol had done to my relationships.

So if you’re having relationship issues you’re not alone.

Come talk to us. Privately, anonymously and with the assurance that you will be in a respectful, supportive community.

Alcohol seems to be the only drug that people will question you for not using even though the statistics show that it’s high time we as a culture started to respect and encourage people who chose to be alcohol-free .

Alcohol is killing more people, and younger. The biggest increases are among women U.S.A Today

More Americans are drinking themselves to death, study suggests CBS News

If you’re drinking too much too often Talk to Us.

Rethink the Drink.

If you stop by I’ll roll out the welcome mat ! because I have found the Beauty of Life shines through in sobriety and I want to share that gift with everyone I can.

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