Taste Buds in Bloom! Alcohol-Free

Alcohol-Free Taste Buds in Bloom!

Ok confession time
I got so fed up I tried a drink
But, I think
That glass of wine last night
Though £8 a bottle
It just tasted crap
Too vinegary and sour
I swear I could taste the chemicals
It was a rubbish “happy hour”

I think hopefully
I’ve nearly lost my desire to drink
I think, as long as I don’t try too hard to get it back
That could almost be that

There’s still my favourite wine of course
The one I miss the most
But generally
Wine no longer pulls me along
Unguarded, undecided, wanting
I think that’s a bit of a win!

I’ve tasted sobriety
Dipped my foot in
Now time to try it for real
I mean
If not now when?

Time to jump in
Have faith
Stop sabotaging my efforts with too much cake

It’s so stupid but when I feel fat
I don’t want to feel like that
So I run back to wine
It’s a mistake though
Every time

But I’m also experimenting too
Wine, do I really want you?
I don’t quite honestly
It’s just what’s usually done
It’s ingrained in me
Ridiculous really

Time to change the potential end of my story
To one that’s genuinely me
There’s too many warnings out there to ignore
At the risk of repeating myself
And becoming a bore
I just can’t ignore it all anymore

I’m becoming a person too scared to drink
But you know what
That could save me so
It’s a bloody good thing!

Btw I only had a few sips
I just didn’t really like it
When our tolerance goes for booze
Do our taste-buds begin to bloom
Were they just suppressed before?
‘Cos I can’t really stomach the taste anymore

If you are drinking too much too often and want to stop or take a break…

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What made you *realize* that you had “crossed the line” and had a very serious alcohol problem?

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This post was written by Floss authors of  An emoji-explosion reminder to myself of how alcohol lies to me

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