How is Your Relationship With Alcohol?

In the online community that helped me stop drinking and stay sober, we often talked about changing our relationship with alcohol. At the time that didn’t seem odd to me, but now that I’m well past 4 years sober, the fact that I had a relationship with alcohol seems rather strange. But I did! I had a relationship with alcohol that ultimately threatened all of the other relationships in my life … until I stopped drinking and ditched my toxic, liquid lover.

How about you? Does your Relationship with alcohol resemble this?

” Drinking is this seemingly innocuous guy who sits down by my side on vacation or out to dinner and whispers in my ear

“See, look at them. They drink way more than you do and they get to drink. You’re so dramatic, such a buzzkill. You think you’re so important. You think you really have a problem. You don’t have a problem. Just relax already and have a drink.”

And I look around that restaurant and I start to believe him. Then a week later I tell myself I won’t drink that day and eventually I do.

He comes to me and then oh so gently holds my face one inch from the surface of the water. He doesn’t shove me way down into a rock bottom, but just enough for me to not get air. It’s time for that to stop” …. continued below

Or is your relationship with alcohol a somewhat hotter affair

Either way, if you find the Drinking is Bringing you more Fear than Joy

Maybe it’s Time for a Divorce ?

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