No More Hangovers No More Shame

She thought how many months and years ago she woke for the final time like that…the hangover..the shame …
No More Hangovers No More Shame

How cruel, how harsh they are, she’d thought.

A picture, a video, – showing a tormented soul.
The person looks like her but she doesn’t recognise them.
Her aura is broken, shattered by her liquid friend.
Harsh looks, no caring words from those she loves – just shrugs.

Their patience is wearing thin.

No memory of the night before.
The evidence too strong this time.
Confirmation – as if she needed it.
No jury needed.

The black-capped judge calls time on the life she had.
A life sentence of abstinence.
Poor girl.

Poor girl to have to give that up.

Fast forward – see the ‘poor girl’ now.
She smiles and shakes her head in disbelief at her naivety.
She wishes she’d done this years before.

The poor girl is no more – and now is whole.
She is here and present where once she was not.
Years of numbing now in the past.

She feels everything,
She hears everything,
She sees everything.
Her breathing is calm.
Her mind is sharp.

No matter what happens it’s never as hard as it was……

She has her life back.
She has her pride back.
Her eyes shine in delight.
No more Hangovers
No more Shame

Hey! – Take my photograph now…

She is free.


It’s all about freedom.


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