Hangover Free Serenity!

Woman drinking Coffee Waking Up Hangover free

That first cup of coffee
Hangover free …
Wake with a smile
with dignity!

I love my new

There was always an excuse
To keep that noose
That kept me bound
Round & round

Just tonight
Can’t let them down
We’ve had this planned
Bought the dress

Fast forward to morning
What a mess

It was never meant
to end like this
I meant to have
just a few
Thanksgiving, Christmas..

Everyone else is doing the same
Stop looking like that
Why the blame

Why are you looking at me?
I don’t want to leave the party!
You’re such a bore
I’m drinking more!

It always ended up like this
Nights like that I do not miss

I’m glad I finally cut that noose
The freedom now
I’m running loose
To pastures green
Have you been ?

Come celebrate with me !
Hangover Free!
Today is a great place to start!
Are you coming with me?
To sobriety?
Wake with a smile
with dignity!

This poem was composed by Floss The author of The Runaway Train  

If you’re “sober curious” …

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