Trying on a Brand New Alcohol Free Me

Women Dressing Rooms Trying on a New Alcohol Free Me

Have I outgrown alcohol?
Is that possible?
Cheap wine, student spirits
Vodka, peach snaps
Lost their appeal years ago
I don’t care about any of that

Pink Dresses Trying on a New Alcohol Free ME

I moved onto quality wine
For a long time it was fine
Now it’s not…

I find it a dilemma
Am I outgrowing this too?


Do I want something better?
Is my wine habit
like a favourite dress
that has a few rips ?
It no longer looks or feels as good ?

It’s slowly tearing
And I’ve started to realise
it’s quality is sh!t

I want more than this !
I want sparkly sobriety bliss !

I want the dress I wear
to drape softly over my body
Not to cling too tightly
and show bits that are unsightly!

Sobriety! Alcohol Free!

My new dress now
might be a better fit
And I just might feel great in it !
Gonna go for it
And try it
Can’t keep on wearing the old one
Little by little it’s falling to bits

Treat yourself
to a beautiful dress
by sobriety!💃

Trust me it’s worth it Alcohol Free Me! Sparkly ! Sobriety! Bliss!

Girl in sparkly Sobriety Dress

Life is a glorious journey. Putting down the drink to live it fully is just the beginning.

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This poem was composed by Floss The author of  The Runaway Train   and many more poems that have helped her stick to sober one expressed rather than swallowed word at a time

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