I Don’t Want Sobriety I Want Wine!

Woman Screaming I Don't Want Sobriety I Want Wine!

I want some wine tonight
I want some stress free time
I want to feel happy and glittery
I want to remember how to shine
I want something that helps me
Something that is mine


But if I expect all that from alcohol
I guess I must be blind
Arguments, misery, hangovers and illness
Are what I’ll likely find

Sober is my Super Power yes indeed I know… but …

What about the now?
I want to block out my cares
And the “What if?” nightmares
If I can’t do all that
How is it fair?


How do I stay strong
When I think I might be breaking?
Does alot of it come down
to the choices I’m making?

Are things as bad as they seem
Or magnified?

Don’t forget
Alcohol lies

I’m a bit scared
to feel real things though
It seems difficult for me

Does it show?

With alcohol
I kept my feelings in check
Now I’m in it all up to my neck
And my thoughts
They’re so often around
With such intensity
It frightens me
It’s like everything’s suddenly
On a cinema

I’m frantically paddling
Beneath the water
A struggling mother,
wife, friend & daughter

But Sobriety
I’m swimming to you
And I’m doing it determinedly
I trust you wholeheartedly
Even if the whole picture
I can’t yet view
I think you’ll be strong
And you’ll keep the sharks
away from me
Or at least enable me
them to see

I won’t give up
Things don’t stay the same
They always change

Good times will happen too
When I least expect it
I’ll welcome happiness
I won’t reject it

And to really see it
When it’s in front of me
I have to be present
And feel it too!

There is a chance for a happier,
brighter me
I can still win
I’ll not let alcohol fool me
Into giving up or giving in

Sobriety is my Super Power!

I’ll Stick to Sobriety – You can Keep your Wine!

Happy Woman-I’ll Stick to Sobriety – You can Keep your Wine!

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This poem was composed by Floss The author of  The Runaway Train   and many more poems that have helped her stick to sober one expressed rather than swallowed word at a time

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