Blackout the Wine Witch and Bring Back Your Magic

My wine witch tried to call me a couple of weeks ago.  Apparently, I’m her only “friend” on speed dial, which is quite sad, really, when you think of all of those “friends” she claimed that we met during our travels.

Wine witch on a broom

She exchanged lots of business cards in the airline clubs, but she’d not really remember the conversations that were sparked earlier in the travel day.  She did get better at writing quick notes on the back of them to remind me later who they were, in case they ever reached out to us (it’s never happened).  Those business cards were multi-functional though, because we would use them as wine coasters at the hotel, after uncorking a bottle of smuggled red retrieved from our checked bag.  

Witchy and I thought it was quite normal to sip her red poison from the plastic water cup, supplied in the hotel bathroom, all alone at night.  

Red wine in a plastic cup

I feel sorry for Witchy because I was her only friend.  I don’t love her; in fact, I never did love her, but I TOLERATED her!  She clung to me, she embarrassed me, she lied for me… but at the end of the day, I let her do all of those things, because I was addicted to her poisonous promises.   

They say that “breaking up is hard to do”, but not when you give yourself time to heal.  I understand now why Witchy had to leave my life, and I’m finally at peace with my newly found freedom!  

Au revoir, Witchy.

Dump the wine

Last night my witch came calling. I poured a glass of wine and dumped it on her head!

Dear Wine Witch,
I got your texts and your voicemail. I know I shouldn’t ignore you so will keep this short. You keep saying I wasn’t THAT bad. I was rarely embarrass
ing, I never really got slurry, or falling down drunk. I could just keep going and going and was ok. As you keep saying, I wasn’t a messy drunk. And I get it. But I’m here to remind you YET again, that while I may not have been a messy drunk, I WAS A MESS. And the reason I wasn’t messy? Because my tolerance level was very high. I could be blackout drunk and still ‘functional’.
So please stop calling and telling me I was ok. I was not ok. You are not ok.
Love from Me.

Wine witch melting

If you don’t think the Wine witch is a bitch, let’s see:

She’ll strangle you slowly with soft velvet gloves
Till you lose track of when enough is enough
But let’s be absolutely clear
It was never, ever love 💔

Wine witches hands

Like a loving mum she promises to soothe away our fear
So when we’re hurt we listen more
Even seek her out
But it’s out of the frying pan into the fire
And that’s not what love is about

Wine Witches Cauldron

Waking up anxious, can’t sleep
Covered in sweat
Heart racing
Head pounding
Has she helped us to feel better yet?
Or do we just have more needs unmet?

Hang up on the Wine Witch and come talk to me!
Woman leaving the wine witch behind
I’ll Meet you in the Magic of Sobriety

I’ll meet you in sobriety
I hope you’ll find me there
I’ll be the girl looking happy
With flowers in her hair

I’ll be looking at the wonder of nature all around
Will you recognise me?
I’ll have changed alot really

Two women with flowers in their hair sober serenity

I’ll be the one with sparkling eyes
Smiling in rapt surprise
Content I’ve turned my back completely
On all the alcohol lies

I’ll be the one with so much time for you
To do everything we want to do
Will you recognise me?

I’m you you see
Further on in my journey to sobriety
So don’t give up on me ❤

Happy sober woman in nature

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