Dry July 2020, Day 10 Alcohol-Free Inspiration

Man swimming on road Dry July 2929 day 10 alcohol free inspiration

On Day 10 of Dry July are you Triggered? Craving? Ruminating?


The goal is to stop any automatic reaction and replace it with meaningful action.

S: Literally Stop what you are doing.

T: Take a step back, literally.

O: Observe: internally (thoughts/feelings), externally (environment).

P: Proceed mindfully.

In my experience, triggers and urges do not come out of the blue. When I stop and check in, I can connect the dots. I had 9 months of effective and sustained sobriety when I relapsed. Had I used the STOP method, I think I would have had a different outcome.

Sober & Free

Day 10 alcohol-FREE – double digits, woo hoo! Doing a happy dance on the inside. LaLaLa. 

Dry July Day 10/31

Hope you all have a good day 10. Look after your self this weekend. Listen to your body and mind. What do you need?

I think I need some nature. And a sober treat for doing an ok job of hanging out with my partying family. I have found myself laughing along with their silly drunk conversation. And making them laugh too. I love how much sharper I am. I’m learning how to have fun with drinkers. Its taking some grit but also I see that I get to have the fun and laughs and remember everything and still have a peppy day tmrw. Still need a treat though 😊

Day 10.  Not feeling the “call” to drink which is great.  I think this is a process and the more we commit to AF days, the more we know what to expect and how to progress.  Onward!!

Day 10 and its going to be a beautiful day the forecast says. I’m going to run outdoors, cultivate joy in the small things and I’m going to count my blessings both little and big. Thanks boom, hope you all have a gem of a day wherever you are.

Day 10 alcohol-free. Wow, haven’t been 10 days A.F Since March 2019. I definitely would not get here without this group, and all its wonderful members who post so honestly about their journeys. Thank you so much.

Relax and enjoy the scenery you’re traveling in the alcohol-free lane.

Relax a while
Take your foot of the gas
The situation you’re in
It’ll change, it’ll pass

Find a new way to focus on you
Mindfulness works, it’s true
It’s not selfish
You deserve it too
You really do!

Go for a walk in a park on a summer’s day
Have an ice cream along the way
Being outdoors in nature
All this
Could put you in the good mood you usually save for
When you drink that first glass or two
But you know, that’s a false, chemical state
The one I’m talking about is real and true
It lasts much longer too

After a drink
When you’ve drained your glass
and your mood starts to sink
You seek to replicate it’s effect
Searching for a feeling, a moment that’s perfect
But it’s never worth it

It doesn’t exist
Certainly doesn’t last, makes you feel worse
Better to resist the urge
Start to research
Better ways

That could give you a feeling of
Happier days
And the huge plus is
You’ll genuinely start to feel ok
It won’t always be thunder and rain
You can get back to being you again

You can drink that wine it’s fine
It’s not what I am going to choose
I’d much rather win than lose
That’s kinda my relationship with booze

A sort of one way street
It usually ends in defeat
The match complete
Fun at first
Then it just gets worse

The drinking amnesia sets in
Don’t know why it is that I can’t win
But I’m not going to keep on trying

Another night wasted
Then temptation tomorrow to repeat
Same again
Vodka neat?

But sobriety I’ve tasted
It’s so beautiful and sweet
I want some more for sure
It’s hard to explain to people
The allure
When their direction’s not the same
No worries
I’m staying in the Alcohol-Free lane
There’s so much to gain!

“Don’t ask people for directions if they’ve never been to where you’re going” Rob Dial

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If you’re “sober curious” … If you are drinking too much too often and want to stop or take a break…or if you have stopped drinking and are trying to stick to sober! Talk to Us. 

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