White Knuckling it in Recovery

White Knuckling it in Recovery

Recovery is hard, sometimes unbelievably so
A roller coaster white knuckle ride
I understand…..I know

You probably just want to hide
But choose to hold on so tight
Give it everything you have
You’re worth it…..I know I’m right!

Recovery is beautiful and completely badass too
Recovery is strength and wisdom
And you have it within you

Recovery has it’s challenges
But can surprisingly be quite fun
Put one foot in front of the other
And be proud
Your journey to alcohol free has just begun

The road to sobriety doesn’t have to be denial, doom and gloom
When you pave it with sober treats
Good advice
And friends on BOOM 💥😃

Start by Setting Boundaries

I need a few new boundaries now
I’ve decided
For a long time other people’s stress has resided
Living and multiplying inside my mind
They can manage it themselves
With a little help I find

I don’t need to turn myself inside out
I don’t honestly need to shout
I can just continue to gently guide

If needed

I’m not being rude
I need boundaries too
I need solitude

I can’t afford for these to be impeded

Regularly actually, I need something for me
And that’s okay…..

Where’s the harm if I just stay calm
If I reject the stress
If I’m like a wall
I can stand tall
Self respect intact
I won’t worry about that

My child shouting?
It’s fine
He’ll calm down in time
Let him get his feelings out
The only way he knows how to today
Then we can talk
Find another way
And hopefully he’ll be okay…..



Love the Simplicity of a Life Tuned In

My path , your path
Are we any different
We’re all here
We know how the story went
It never ended well
Certainly not for me
That’s why I have
Stuck to my sobriety
Never thought I would
Give it up for ever
And some would say
Never say never
But I like my path
My simple life
I’m more in control
Mother & wife
Who once wasn’t there
Glass in her hand
She didn’t care
If they sat there
In front of the tv
As long as there was more
In the glass for me .
That path was no way
To live my life
Vacant mother
Vacant wife
The path no more a rocky road
There’s more to life
Come walk with me
I’m up ahead but not too far
You too can do this
Just today
Look ahead
No more guilt , shame or dread
That’s no way to live a life
Life’s too short
Present mother
Present wife ✨

If you’re “sober curious” … If you are drinking too much too often and want to stop or take a break…or if you have stopped drinking and are trying to stick to sober! Talk to Us. 

We are an independent, anonymous and private community who share resources, support and talk it through every day. It helps to have a community behind you in a world where alcohol is the only addictive drug that people will question you for NOT using

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Don’t let the shame of the stigma keep you from saying

“I think I have a problem with drinking”

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