What’s it Like to Live in Sobertown?

I was recently introduced to a podcast called SOBERTOWN. I’ve been imagining Sobertown as a place to live. A real place where everyone is alcohol free. How would it feel to live there? What kind of places would they have for people to gather and make merry? What kind of drinks would restaurants and dance clubs serve? What kind of beverages would they be offering at celebrations like weddings and holiday family events? Who would our neighbors be? We might recognize sober celebrities just walking down the street or buying club soda at the grocery store.

Sober celebrities like these would be there in Sobertown : Robert Downey Jr – such a long and winding road, Natalie Portman who never had a problem with any subtance or addiction, ditto Jennifer Lopez and Shania Twain, Jada Pinckett Smith, Elton John, Demi Moore and all three of her daughters, Dax Shepherd -love his podcast, Marc Maron -love his podcast as well and he walked sober with all of us through losing the love of his life, Zac Efron, Bradley Cooper, Kristin Davis -Sober Sex and the City, Christina Ricci, Naomi Campbell, Rob Lowe, Eva Mendes, Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Effing Potter for god’s sake , Brad Pitt, Matthew Perry very committed to supporting other “Friends”, Eminem, Gerard Butler, Ewan McGregor (sigh), Jim Carrey, Jennifer Hudson – never had one drink, does that even count?- Colin Farrell, Edie Falco, Keith Urban, Samuel L. Jackson -badass, Tim McGraw, Eric Clapton….and that’s just the short list. Don’t forget Stephen King, Brett Favre, Kelly Ripa, Craig Ferguson, Jennifer Lopez, Tyra Banks, Lucy Hale, Jamie Lee Curtis, Pharrell Williams, and the list goes on and on …

But living in Sobertown is not only about the sober celebrities who might move in next door, of course. When we decide to live sober we need inspiration and ways to heal, but most of all, we need each other. Real people sharing the journey together. We have to do the work for ourselves, but not by ourselves. Our path to freedom is so unique. We are indeed snowflakes!

Sobertown – Imagine living in a place where nearly everyone is committed to personal growth, mental, emotional, and physical health, and showing up authentically, speaking their truth.

This journey is so much bigger than sobriety, but sobriety is a start. What kind of schools and programs of learning and social groups are in Sobertown? AMAZING stuff, for sure. Go out to any sober community site and ask them to list the ten things they love about an alcohol-free life. Many points would be similar but there would also be hundreds of different answers, because sobriety is a portal. No one can really predict what wonders are waiting on the other side. 

Taking alcohol out of the equation can empower us to stretch our wings and continue moving forward toward a life of health and wholeness, a full and beautiful and infinitely creative life that we don’t want to escape. We can learn how to feel all the feels, stay with ourselves through anything, heal the wounds, resolve trauma, rewire our brain, learn true self-care and nutritional wisdom. We can explore the endless vast mystery of our inner world, take responsibility, find peace even in the storm, and feel pleasure in the smallest of life‘s wonders.

Of course none of this is possible if we just visit Sobertown. We have to take up residence, do the work (oh yeah, THAT thing, OUR part), make friends, explore and share, and take advantage of all the support and therapy that’s available. That’s when miracles have the opportunity to form and unfold.

Laura McCowan was right on the money when she titled her memoir, “We are the luckiest”!!!  

This post is by MaggyD , the author of the blog Maggy Doodles and a member of our  BOOM Rethink the Drink community

Curious about what it’s like to live in Sober town? Open Our 

POCKET GUIDE FOR YOUR JOURNEY from Day 1 to 7 Years alcohol Free

Like our Boozemusings blog and BOOM Rethink the Drink community, the Sobertown podcast and website are serious about offering an entire collection of resources and tools to support a sober journey. Who are they at Sobertown?

We refer to ourselves as “Sober Warriors” because the fight against addiction is a grisly battle that takes no prisoners. Real people die every day from complications and repercussions of long-term alcohol use, a tragic end that is 100% preventable through increased awareness and connection

We’re forming a village of sober individuals from all walks of life that share a common goal – to support others in recovery while also increasing the dialogue around the many positive aspects of sobriety versus the darkness of addiction.

I want to cheer on the work they do there, from over here. Bravo Drifter and the whole team at Sobertown for making each and every one of us sober celebrities.

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We are an independent, anonymous and private community who share resources, support and talk it through every day. It helps to have a community behind you in a world where alcohol is the only addictive drug that people will question you for NOT using

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