Surrender and Empower – Emotional Sobriety

Hand catching feather surrender and empower emotional sobriety

I’ve been thinking a lot about control; what it means in relation to my mental health, my behaviors and my drinking. In the past, whenever life felt “out of control” for me, I chose to drink. The anxiety, frustration and fear that bubbled up inside of me when I didn’t have control over things, made

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The Two Miracles That Helped me Stop Drinking and Stay Sober

Woman walking into light the two miracles that helped me stop drinking

Today I am celebrating 3 months sober. I’m 3 months alcohol-free and that freedom is something well worth celebrating but I am MAD! I am so mad at the big lie that is alcohol. I am so mad that alcohol gets its hooks into people and won’t let go, and that turning your back on

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Finding the Courage to be Vulnerable – An Online Alternative to AA

I drank to make myself invulnerable. At least I thought that alcohol would make me invulnerable. Each time I opened a bottle it was my intent to build a barrier between myself and stress, sorrow, loneliness, even the mundane blah that is sometimes day to day life. But the effect of alcohol was actually the

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But I can’t be an alcoholic! I didn’t hit rock bottom!

reaching up from under water I didn't reach rock bottom

Many problem drinkers carry a mental picture of “rock bottom,” the place we think we have to fall before we can become free of alcohol for good. AA popularized the idea that we can’t get (and stay) sober until we lose everything that matters to us. Accepting that you’re an alcoholic, hitting rock bottom, and

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