Together We Grow

There are hundreds of thousands of people all over the world worried about what effect alcohol is having on their lives.

Maybe they’ve seen their intake slowly creep up.

Maybe they binge drink after going without alcohol for a long time.

Maybe the effects they get from alcohol are getting increasingly uncomfortable for them.

Maybe they drink alcohol out of habit.

Maybe they drink it purposefully in order to cover up feelings and aspects of their life they want to cover up.

Maybe they drink alcohol to feel happy or in order to relax or as a gift to themselves.

Maybe you have one of these reasons or another reason.

Whatever you drink alcohol for you’ve found yourself here.

We all came to this site and sites like it because on that day we ‘knew.’

It was clear in our minds that alcohol was becoming a problem in our lives. That’s why we clicked the link wherever we found it. Maybe we were actively looking for a link or maybe we stumbled on it.

But clicked we did.

And here we all are.

That was a fantastic choice to click on the link here. There is no judgement we are all in the same boat. Bobbing along together.

This site is growing in members by the day. It is a much-needed site in this New World.

Welcome Sign

By New World I mean this is a new age – one in which not drinking alcohol is seen as abnormal whilst drinking is normal practice.

Maybe you’re here to cut down and maybe you’re here to try to stop drinking alcohol completely.

Maybe you have no idea what you’re going to do – if anything – yet.

On this site, you can read posts or write one yourself. You can comment on posts or you can just stay silent.

It’s completely your choice.

All I know is that any comment no matter how small can change someone’s day.

It can even change someone’s life.

Over 5 years ago I joined a site just like this. This site has evolved from it thanks to Winged Victory .

I joined on a day I stumbled across it on google. But I was actively looking for it.

Because I ‘knew.’

I wasn’t really up for admitting that to anyone…..😱

But I clicked the link anyway…..

If you’re a bit scared of posting I can recommend it 😊

Because I had no idea what I was going to do but I wrote a post. I honestly didn’t want to but I wrote a brief post saying why I was here.

The comments and support I got back made me stay. It made me start to read posts, make my own posts and comment and give support to others.

My posts weren’t saying anything special. They were just posts where I wrote out my feelings, thoughts, fears, and what was happening.

Some were very short and some were longer (and some were epics 😂).

And slowly as I wrote posts and got comments and gave comments to others I grew to trust my new tribe. My secret club I called it.

My eventual decision was I stopped drinking and became AF (alcohol-free).

Many others’ decision was to control their drinking.

And whatever our decision we will struggle with it. It won’t just happen overnight – and so we work at it together by posting and talking and sharing.

There is no shame in admitting to yourself that alcohol is affecting your life in a way that you are now questioning.

It’s a drug we use to change our brain patterns. That is what it is. Pure and simply a drug that changes who we are.

We want that change every time we put alcohol to our lips.

It may be a fleeting change or it may be too frequent or it may be that you feel alcohol is now controlling you and you’re changing too often.

Whatever your situation I applaud every single one of you who had the courage to join a site like this and explore your relationship with alcohol.

I hope being here helps you get your life back like it did for me.

We invite you to muse! To Rethink the Drink

If you’re drinking too much too often Talk to Us

Alcohol is the only drug that people will question you for not using .

Rethink the Drink

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