Alcohol-Free Day 149 to Day 150- Sober Evolution !

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Heart hurts 
Battles to fight 
Alcohol won’t make it all alright 
Better to be alert than hide
Brave the ride
Be awake and fight

Pep talk for myself time again 

Hard times?
Sometimes life not fine? 
Yes that’s occasionally reality
Having clearer vision from 
No alcohol to muddy the waters
Or destroy our dreams, 
Could definitely lead to happier scenes 
For us, our family, our son’s or daughters 
So we’re no longer wishing so often for Contentment 
Or dealing with the fallout from 
Concealed resentment 

By taking off the blurry alcohol glasses 
Swapping them for a newer more suitable prescription 
One that matches how we want to live
Closer to our ideal description 
And what we want to give 
You know, I’m starting to learn that we can really better see
Alcohol free

Without thoughts of booze in our way
Taking up space in our brain
That’s really energy down the drain 
It’s suddenly possible to think of problems and say
“I think I might have found a fix!”
Without listening to the wine witch’s tricks
That in the cold light of day
You would find 
She played with your mind
Her solutions were flawed anyway 

Alcohol free you’d be seeing more clearly 
Solutions to problems would appear more freely 
With less agitation 
And more concentration 
You could assess any situation 

Now that is a quality I want and value 
The Wine witch can keep her mind numbing wine
I’ll be just fine 
What about you?


This post was composed by Floss

The author of

Debunking the Romance of Mommy’s Wine Time and The Runaway Train and Nailing the Narcissist

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