Wake Up!

I want a drink, I’m stressed to the max
I deserve a break FFS!!!!!
After all how much could one bottle take?
Actually quite a bit it seems
For there is a lot at stake

I know the facts
I know the risks to health and emotion
Yet I think of wine as a magic potion
To ease the pain and discomfort of really feeling
And healing

I know it’s a false paradise
But again I’m thinking of rolling the dice
Playing a game I can only lose
Yet I seem willing to choose
To think I can beat the house
Where many others have failed

Am I really willing to sail
So close to the edge of disaster?
I need to wake up and be the master
Of alcohol not the other way around
And then I will sleep safe and sound

For me that means embracing life alcohol free
And seeing how good things could really be
When I can see them clearly ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Alcohol-Free day 119


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Pour Love Over Wounds not Wine

This poem was composed by Floss

The author of

Debunking the Romance of Mommy’s Wine Time  – The Runaway Train and Nailing the Narcissist

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