Digging for Buried Treasure?

MY First Alcohol-Free Holiday :

Eek, what to expect 

Does anyone else feel this way?
Booked an all inclusive stay
But not going to let my resolve be swayed
So I’ll quickly list the benefits I see
Of being alcohol-free:

I won’t dehydrate
Won’t get up too late
To enjoy the day
I’ll jump in the pool 
With my active, adventurous children I’ll want to play 

I’ll have fun and laugh at my husband’s bad jokes 
And now I no longer drink or smoke 
I’ll try and be happy about it, relaxing, sitting 
Watching others go about their business
Drinking this
or sipping that 
I’m working on it becoming a fact 
That I’m not wishing to do the same 
It’s changing, the game 

It’s a surprise but I like living an AF way
I wake up every day feeling glad to be sober 
And hangover-less
I feel so okay and that’s priceless 
Living with real intention 
Requiring no intervention 

A week AF away means
Tasty mocktails 
No drunk fails 
No eating rubbish all day
Just to make the giant headache go away
No wasted precious days
Lots of walks on the beach 

Sand in my toes 
Great holiday memories 
Alcohol could have ruined those
Lots of icecream with no guilty feelings
After all a wise lady I know said ice cream is healing 😉

Where you seek to capture a moment forever (in your mind) 
Choosing alcohol-free in my view is clever 
And really being present, it’s special 
Like discovering buried treasure

Treasure in the context of staying Alcohol Free

This poem was composed by Floss

The author of

Debunking the Romance of Mommy’s Wine Time  – The Runaway Train and Nailing the Narcissist

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