Care to Reduce the Chaos ?

I hope you don’t mind 
But lately I find 
You’re becoming a bit of a bore
The conversations we have, and I’ll try to be kind 
They’re always about you
And what you’re going through 
My life doesn’t matter at all

You’d talk all night if I let you
The more drama the better too
And when you drink wine 
OMG you’re not fine!
And I want to say
Is that the time? It’s late
And leave you to your fate

But, I see you’re not ok
And there’s no way
You’d manage to get into a taxi
And so again you don’t have to ask me
I’ll be the only sober one here
So you have nothing to fear

And when the waiter you’ve been chatting to 
And to whom you slip your number 
Wants more than a tip
I’ll keep him away from you
He can’t play me for a fool
Sobriety wins in this case

Look at your face
You don’t look that well 
You’ve had enough I can tell 
You really don’t need another drink 
Please, think,
Let’s get you home to your husband, grab your phone, 
Intoxicated you don’t seem safe alone 

You know, I can’t keep on doing this 
So now, our girls nights are hit and miss 
Please try and sort yourself out
If we’re to keep going out
And take some responsibility
Don’t you see?

Didn’t your night in a jail cell 
Teach you any lessons well?
What about when you ran away that night 
From the police, drunk and disorderly in a fright?
You were arrested 
But you strongly contested 
Who was to blame 
It’s always the same! 

In the cell you must’ve been lonely and scared
But it wasn’t your fault you said, it’s unfair 
And recounting it to me
You still don’t see
Your behaviour is your responsibility 

Could I gently suggest 
That I can attest
Less wine would decrease the drama 
You’d definitely feel calmer 

Why not join me next time and you could see
AF would reduce the chaos dramatically 
And we could just have a catch up and a chat
And I won’t have to see
You sat on a stranger’s knee

It’s the company we keep 
Not what’s in our drink 
That makes all the difference 
We don’t need wine’s interference 
To disrupt a night that’s great or even just ok 
It only leaves us feeling drained,
Where I want to quietly retreat 
No wish to repeat

heart in hand, related to not drinking
Rethink the Drink

This poem was composed by Floss

The author of

Debunking the Romance of Mommy’s Wine Time  – The Runaway Train and Nailing the Narcissist

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