Green Your Own Grass

Is the grass greener?

Is the grass really greener 
Or is it just fake 
How can you tell?
It’s your choice to make

When wine time rolls around 
And you hear that devilish sound
Would a glass of your favourite plonk
Really be worth it?

Would it fit with your desire
and your expectation? 

Lately I’ve had the realisation 
Adverts don’t deliver
everything they promise
And what I’m starting to think is
We get fixated on a dream 
About how things should seem 
How one drop
should make us feel elated
I think it’s vastly overrated 

Perhaps ?
it’s the quick-acting relaxation
we’re wanting to chase 
That’s ok
but that drink 
It’s been laced
With a poison
that will eventually affect you
How it does that might not,
at some point, be up to you

So if it’s a relaxing feeling we’re after 
Couldn’t we try and avoid disaster 
With a pleasant distraction
that actually lasts and is healing
Rather than a quick “fix”
that fades far too fast?
The answer to that question
might be quite revealing 

A pick of sober treats you could try
They won’t be ones that lie
A movie, yoga at home,
chat to a friend on the phone 
Journaling, writing it all out
A long soak in the tub
when you’re all worn out

A beautiful home cooked meal
Could also seal the deal 
And give you the way
you want to feel 
Going to bed with a book
You can’t wait to look at
what happens next in the story 
It’s far from boring 

And then when you’re yawning 
It’s a natural tired
You’re not feeling sleepy
but still wired 
And you’ll wake up
refreshed in the morning 

This poem was composed by Floss

The author of

Debunking the Romance of Mommy’s Wine Time  – The Runaway Train and Nailing the Narcissist

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