Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warrior

I refuse to be alcohol’s victim. 
I refuse to let myself feel like a victim in life’s struggles. 
Life is often unfair, unkind and scary.
I will not let that make me a victim though.
I chose to see it all as part of the adventure.
I chose to see it all as part of the challenge.
And the reward is my self respect.
And the reward is surprise at my strength.
And the reward is confidence in my growing abilities. 
I have spent a lot of life feeling like a victim. 
I have spent a lot of life being scared of, or anticipating being a victim. 
I have spent a lot of life actively being a victim of alcohol too. 
I get the feeling that the more of a victim I’ve felt,
the more of a victim I’ve become. 
No more. 
I don’t want to be that anymore. 
I see it is a state of mind which I chose.
Victim or peaceful warrior. 
Choosing peaceful warrior today. 
Join me?

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