Just One Last Drink …

Could’t care less
Don’t want to dress
Speak or Be
In my skin

Don’t want to go within
Don’t want to go out
Not answering calls
Too busy screaming out
for help
On my own.
Where nobody will hear me;
I scream at myself
I was a kid once..

It seems like nothings is real.
Blank face 
tears behind eyes 
can’t take it all in.
As grated skin,
Nothing works.
I don’t work. 
I succome.
I sign out.
I numb. 
Then wake up;
What have I done?

I need help
Need to let myself out
Of this prison I’ve given in to.
I hummnnnmm
To soothe my nerves,
Then pick up where I started from. 
Nothing changes.

Until I do.
Until I reach out
Hold on 
Do things different.

Reach out Rethink the Drink

If you’re drinking too much too often and want to take a break or stop altogether come talk to us. Alcohol is the only addictive drug that people will question you for not using. Rethink the Drink !

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It’s never too late.

Where will it take you ?

“When you quit drinking you stop waiting.”

― Caroline Knapp, Drinking: A Love Story

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