Is your Drinking Habit Dangerous ?

Dangerous Drinks

When I joined an online community hoping to stop drinking, back in 2015, they had a test you were supposed to take when you signed up to figure out where you fell on the risk scale for your drinking behavior. At the time it was still considered “healthy” to drink in moderation so you could arguably have a healthy relationship with alcohol and drink daily.

The test was interesting because it showed you how many units of alcohol were actually in a bottle of wine. The recommended allowances for safe levels of drinking are always based on units or servings which have little to do with the huge glasses that we now drink wine out of.

amounts of wine related with hoping to stop drinking

I was a bottle and a bit nightly drinker with the increasingly regular accidental two bottle black-out binge and one or two days a week to detox . I’d heard that it was a good idea to take a couple of days a week alcohol-free if you drank routinely and being a health conscious middle aged woman I stuck to that routine of binge and purge …

So when I took my test and actually calculated units based on quantity of bottles per week …

I won the BEEP BEEP BEEP contact your doctor prize… 
alert sign for hoping to stop drinking
So I went back and changed the numbers 🙂 —-

As if someone was going to hold me accountable ??? 

The only person that could hold me accountable was me —- and joining that community helped me to do that .

Giant wine glass with woman hoping to stop drinking

Have you ever thought of your alcohol issue as an application installing on your laptop, but the application has a virus, it will corrupt all the data on your laptop and will finish loading way quicker than you expected? That’s kinda how it felt for me.

You see an application that everyone seems to be using.
So you start to load it on your computer
it starts slowly
then speeds up rapidly
and before you know it…
it’s loaded and the laptop is broken and all the information on it useless.

So really I need to cancel the installation before it speeds up
but I can’t predict when it will speed up.

The application has a virus so shouldn’t really be used but people either aren’t aware of it or don’t think it’ll break their computer so they take the risk.

What I think we should do is find out more about the availability of another application, one that’s proven to work. It doesn’t look as shiny and new as the one with the computer virus but it has lots of cool hidden features and it does the job exceedingly well.

This is the real new kid on the block. It’s multi functional and has features that the corrupt application does not.

The application is called sobriety and it’s reliable but also exciting and full of opportunities.

It’s also safe to load this application, it won’t break your computer and it’ll work flawlessly on any given model!

Sounds a much better option to me really.

This post was written by Winged Victory and Floss authors of My Beautiful Mind at 1,000 days Sober and  An emoji-explosion reminder to myself of how alcohol lies to me

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