5 Poems to Help You Stay Sober in the COVID19 Stress Storm

Five Flowers in Heart o help you stay sober in COVID19 crisis

In the storm we discover our strength
Through our tears we navigate the dark
Through our calm we teach our children resilience
Even with fear in our hearts

A new day
The tears will come anyway
Be informed of course and stay safe
But remember to protect your sobriety
Guard your calm space

And though a glass of wine sounds nice
The alcohol thug isn’t
Don’t be in isolation with a bully
Choose your health and your sanity
And protect them both fully

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Before you Drink Think

Do what you can now

To make things better somehow

A big trigger for me

Is when I’ve no power really 😢🙁😔

Or at least that’s what I perceive

Choose gratitude

Distraction 📖📚☕📺

Slow down your pace

If you adore cooking, enjoy the fine tastes 👨🍳👩🍳🥗🥝🍛🍲

Do things that you love within your control

Don’t hand over your power to alcohol ❌

The daily things that stress you

Try to turn them down

Protect your mental space

Only allow certain sounds ✌🙏

Realise as you sit in the chaos around

There IS still some sobrenity to be found


There’s restriction on our daily lives it’s true

But do you want the alcohol thug around you too? 🤯😡

Be sensible, be wise, you know what to do 🤔

The choice is entirely up to you

But before you drink, think 🧠

Stay at home 🏠

Protect your immune system

And let it protect you ❤

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Don’t Invite the Alcohol Thug

So I get it
We’re stuck at home sad, worried, stressed and bored
But we’d better get used to it
We’re gonna be in it a while
Perhaps for the long haul

So my question I want to put to you is
Do you want the alcohol thug there with you too?

Imagine when lockdown comes around
And you’re climbing the walls
Desperate for a drink
Will you be able to just go out and buy some do you think?

I’m not talking about a controlled weekly shop
Where people go along
But an urge you can’t surf
‘Cos the craving’s so strong

In isolation for everyone’s health and safety
Are you sure you want to invite the alcohol thug?
It doesn’t make sense to me in a pandemic really
To be dependent on a drug


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So I feel afraid
Scared to sleep
What bed have we made?
I want to weep

We only have the power within
To build ourselves up
Let’s begin

I’m stone cold sober
In more ways than one
A cold reality
No sunlight shone

There’s one thing I know
For others now struggling
Wine won’t fix anything
Tomorrow I’d just be left feeling more low

And so for now I’ll try to sleep
An insomniac poet
But no hangover tomorrow
And it feels good to know it ❤

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A Better Plan

It feels like the ground beneath me is slipping
Out of control
Tempers rising then dipping
All the idiots socialising
They must be tripping
Not heeding the alarm

I need something
To help me stay calm
My purring cat
She senses that
Curled up on my knee
She’s soothing me

Filing down the rough edges of my day
Helping me to feel
Things will be okay

I want to turn my off feelings
Get comfortably numb
It wouldn’t be a comfort drinking though
If I was always wanting some

I’ve a better plan

Instead of having wine and letting the alcohol thug in
I’ll just look at what I can control
And choose not to let the bullshit in

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Rethink the Drink

If you’re “sober curious” … If you are drinking too much too often and want to stop or take a break…or if you have stopped drinking and are trying to stick to sober! Talk to Us. 

We are an independent, anonymous and private community who share resources, support and talk it through every day. It helps to have a community behind you in a world where alcohol is the only addictive drug that people will question you for NOT using

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Download the Mighty Networks app here  for free easy access and search BOOM Rethink the Drink– community support 24-7 or sign up and sign in here

How do you go Sober? ( more reading in blue titles)

B Be accountable Talk to Us We Understand
A Avoid alcohol like the plague  Ideas Here
L Let yourself enjoy regular sober treats  Ideas Here
A Allow yourself to cry when needed  Ideas Here
Nourish your body with good food  Ideas Here
C Create happy & fun memories  Ideas Here
E Enjoy the precious moments in your day Ideas Here

W Work hard to get what you want Ideas Here
O Organise things for less stress  Ideas Here
Realise you can’t control it all Ideas Here
K Keep going & prepare for success Ideas Here
S Sleep enough for body & mind rest Sleep Solutions


This poem was composed by Floss The author of  The Runaway Train  and Nailing the Narcissist

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