The Best Cure for Your 2020 Holiday Season Hangover

Hangover LasVegas Holiday Season Hangover Cure

Is the stress of 2020 and the holiday season driving you to drink? Did you find that you went further than intended with the holiday cheer at the Zoom happy hour or sadly socially distanced holiday party? Or in 2020, with the Covid lockdowns rolling through town again, are you finding that you’re just drinking more and more while bored and home alone?

Holiday hangovers are nothing new. The drama of the morning after is timeless.

Holiday seasonHangover

You could try to cure the symptoms of that horrid hangover with time-tested traditional remedies …

Pickles and Alka seltzer Holiday Hangover Cure

Or you could cut to the chase and cut out the alcohol all together this holiday season!

Smiley Face Alcohol-free holiday season

Does this sound familiar?

I’ll Stop Drinking Tomorrow …

I’ll stop drinking when I’m happy
When I’m in control
When nothing really scares me
When my career is on a roll

When my husband is devoted
Beyond doubt
To have and to hold

I’ll stop drinking while I’m young enough
Or I’ll stop when l get old
I’ll stop when my friends do
Or when they notice it’s a problem too

I’ll stop when it makes me always feel bad
And nothing good is coming through
I’ll quit when my family is happy
Surely that’s the thing to do

Nah poor you…….
You haven’t got a clue
Quitting before you’re quite ready
Is the thing that you should do

What you aren’t changing
You are choosing
Like and ostrich
Head in sand

Alcohol-free means Hangover Free! and there are endless benefits to never again waking up feeling like this.

Hangover Emoji

If you’ve had enough of the hangovers, enough of the ups and downs of boozy blowouts, and are ready to try living with your feet on solid ground, here are some great tips and inspiration to enjoy your holiday season alcohol-free. 2020 has been drama-filled enough. Let’s get a positive start on 2021.

9 Great Hangover Cures or Tips and Tools to stay Alcohol-Free in the Holiday Season and Beyond

  1. Know your opponent– It’s the time when the wine witch/booze monster/ lizard brain, whatever you like to think of it as, is on top form. Your opponent has plenty of well-used arguments and reasons for you to drink. That sly voice in your head is confident because it knows how ingrained your habits are around the festive season. It’s going to be rubbing its hands in glee just waiting for you to do as it predicts and drink. – more reading How to Override your Lizard Brain

2. Be prepared– get in a stock of treats. Alcohol-free drinks and snacks galore. At any whisper of a craving – dive in to those goodies. Even if you don’t fancy one because ultimately all you want is alcohol. The hit of sugar, carbs or af liquid is going to knock the edge off that craving. – more reading Sober Treats – Rewiring your Reward Pathways When You Go Alcohol-Free

3. Have entertainment at hand – For the first couple of months that I was sober, I played a lot of games on my phone. Wordscape I liked a lot. It was a really good instant distraction. Puzzles and cards became good go-to’s as well in the evening and these were of course also great activities with my son. more reading Top Ten Alcohol-Free Internet Entertainments

4. Spoil yourselfA Lot – When we live alone (I am very much not alone during the day with my son but my evenings are a complete contrast- every night alone) we miss out on physical affection and another, loving presencetaking care of us now and then. But we still need it. And when we’re early in sobriety we need it a lot. If you are anything like me, self-care took a bike when alcohol was the star of the show. Kind, loving, thoughtful gestures to ourselves are important, deserved, and a great weapon against the beast. more reading Learning Self-Care in Early Sobriety

5. Tell people you’re doing a sober Christmas this year – You don’t have to tell them you’re going sober forever. Tell them what you want. Tell them that you’re doing a sober challenge. That you’re on medication. That you’re experimenting with sobriety. But be clear that you are not drinking and you want their support. more reading How Do You Stay Sober When Your Friends Encourage You to Drink?

6. Be honest with yourself and create boundaries. – If you suspect that you will be encouraged to drink by your hosts or others at gatherings, don’t go! Protect your sobriety fiercely. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you will be vulnerable. more reading Will the fun be over if you stop drinking alcohol?

7. Remember that sobriety is Truly the absolute best most incredible gift you could give to yourself. And the world! more reading and listening Sobriety Offers Everything that Alcohol Promised – Except the Hangover!

8. If you slip- forgive yourself. – No shame. No beating yourself up. That makes you weak and easy prey for the booze monster. Get up, dust yourself off, chin up and onwards. Use slips as information to inform you for next time. more reading Never Give up on Giving Up!

9. Stay active here every day. Others are going through the same as you. Every one in their own way. Lean on the support of others and remember they need you too. Strength in numbers. You Can do it. Have faith. It IS possible for You. X

Why keep Kicking your own a$$?

It would be a shame
So unbearably tragic really
If alcohol won

Clearly there is effort required
Developing habits
Making them desired
But as a go to
Alcohol should be fired

If it’s just not serving us anymore
Or taking much more than it did before
We all have the power to show booze the door

And it can certainly be done
For everybody on Day 100 or another Day 1
You can be a happy sober someone

We need to change our habits
To those that feed our soul
Make us happy like a little kid
It’ll be the best thing we ever did

We all deserve a life with less pain
Drinking is a trap
A counterproductive boring game
Kicking our own arse again and again and again…….?

Headed for harrowing defeat
After a boring cycle of lather, rinse, repeat?

Life can really be so much more
It’s tragic if we never get to really open that door
The one labelled “Sobriety”
Hiding wonderful things behind it really

We might open it a fraction
Or a little more and peek
But we can’t see the whole picture yet
That it can hold both happy times and the peace we might seek

When we become strong enough to open the door a little more
We could be privy to an abundance of beauty for sure

We’ll be standing in front of it
Staring, smiling
Full of gratitude and awe
Wondering why the hell we were so scared of it before

My door is the one marked “Sobriety”
Or “This Way To Contentment”
Join me?

If you’re “sober curious” … If you are drinking too much too often and want to stop or take a break…or if you have stopped drinking and are trying to stick to sober! Talk to Us. 

We are an independent, anonymous and private community who share resources, support and talk it through every day. It helps to have a community behind you in a world where alcohol is the only addictive drug that people will question you for NOT using

You can read more about us Here And join  Here

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Don’t let the shame of the stigma keep you from saying

“I think I have a problem with drinking”

The poems in this post is by Floss. author of Alcohol and Anxiety

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