A Sober Momentum Fable

Woman pulling boulder a sober momentum fable

Once upon a time, there was a woman who was burdened with a daunting task. Her task was to move a large boulder. She was not sure why she had been burdened with moving this boulder, however, she just knew that she had to do it.

The boulder was huge and ugly. It had rough edges and did not want to roll. She walked around it and thought through her options. She could push all day and not really move the boulder in any meaningful way. After a long time, she decided to look for help. She read books about moving boulders and she talked to new friends who claimed to have moved boulders.  

The books taught her the reason she had to move this boulder. The reason was that if she did not move it would most certainly start to move on its own and would probably roll over her and destroy her life or maybe even kill her.

The experienced boulder-moving friends she talked to explained that, yes indeed, that was why they had also moved their boulders. They did not want to live in fear of that boulder rolling over them and destroying them.

So, the woman and her new friends got behind the boulder and pushed. And pushed. Some days they made little progress but other days they made massive headway.

The boulder started to move easier most days.  But some days the boulder would get stuck in a little low spot in the road. The woman and her friends would rest those days and build up strength and then they would start again.

The woman was surprised to see the boulder was getter much smaller and the edges were smoother. She could even roll the boulder on her own most days. Although many of her new friends often came along to talk to her and encourage her on. And she was so grateful for their company. They were incredibly wise friends and she learned so much from them. She learned things from them about more than boulder moving. She began to feel that this boulder moving was maybe not such a bad thing. Some days it was even kind of fun!

Soon she discovered that she could look around her and enjoy the beautiful scenery as she continued to roll her very boulder. How had she missed all this beauty around her? She started to really enjoy this new thing of boulder rolling in her life.

One day to her amazement she discovered she could just nudge the boulder (which was really just a small, smooth, round rock at this point) and it would roll all on its own.

This went on for a long time. One day she noticed that the rock had worn off most of its grayness and roughness and in its place was a beautiful marble. The marble had been inside the boulder all along. Now the woman began to understand more deeply why she had to move that boulder. She picked up the beautiful marble and put it in her pocket. She was incredibly happy.

However, she felt a bit restless. She decided to go on a walk with the marble in her pocket and wondered what happens now that I can carry my beautiful marble in my pocket?

And then she saw them in the distance. There were so many others pushing boulders of various shapes and sizes off in the distance. And she knew what she wanted to do. She ran to offer help to those boulder-pushing people just as her friends had helped her. ( posts in green titles) 

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