How do You Measure Freedom?

Clock for counting sober days

Do you count your days sober? It seems we do a lot of measuring on our alcohol-free journeys. Some of us in years, others in days, and some of us are measuring right now in minutes and seconds. Measuring time that we have spent free from the self inflicted chains of drinking. Measuring moments if you will.

Moments when we said to ourselves

“I have a problem.”

Moments when we googled

“How to stop drinking.”

Moments when we avoided the grocery store because it was later than 4pm. Moments when we posted a seemingly insignificant post on Boom instead of numbing ourselves. Moments when we ate a bag of chips instead of downing a bottle (or 2) of Chardonnay. Moments when we chose ourselves over a poison. Moments of love.

Momentous moments.

The definition of Momentous according to the New Oxford Dictionary of America is- (of a decision, event, or change) of great importance or significance, especially on its bearing in the future.

Clock in Hand Counting Sober Days

Counting sober days? Every single one of those moments, those moments that we spent alcohol free, every time we chose to create a new moment of our lives which didn’t involve alcohol was momentous! It WAS a decision, or event, or change of great  importance AND significance ESPECIALLY on its bearing in our futures.

All of those seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years were filled with momentous moments of choices and countless decisions again and again to choose ourselves over this very unworthy substance.

Maybe you count your momentous moments, your sober days, with an app or maybe you just say today I’m “x” days alcohol-free.

The beauty of it is, the more momentous moments we create the more momentum we gain. These momentous moments flood our brains with new memories and new ways of thinking. Changing us from the inside and creating a desire to make more of those decisions, experience more of those events, or make more of those changes. To fill our lives and our futures with more of those moments,  propelling us towards the lives we are truly meant to have, measured in love. 

“525,600 minutes”
Do you know this song?

“525,000 moments so dear”
It’s from the musical Rent.

“525, 600 minutes. How do you measure, measure a year?”

Ho DO you measure a year? How do you measure time?

How do you measure the value of life?

How do you measure Freedom ?

Sober Momentum – Alcohol Free is Freedom

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