BOOM is a community of peers working together to support each other in taking back control of our behavior. Some of us are here to maintain sobriety, some to stop drinking and some to work toward moderate drinking goals. What we do here, and how we do it, is determined by us every day. 

To begin with, are you here to stop drinking or to try moderation?

Thoughts on Cutting Down rather than Cutting out the Booze are linked into the blue title.

Most people agree that you should at least start with a month to three months alcohol-free before experimenting with careful moderation. So start with stopping and see where that takes you. 

Here are some posts with different perspectives on how to stop drinking. Each one of these posts, and all of the posts on our Boozemusings blog, were written by members of our community who started out thinking that stopping drinking was near impossible.

The Magic Trick

Simple Solutions to Beat the Binge Drinking Routine

Guide to your First Month of Sobriety: Why and How to Quit

Ten Ways to Overcome my Drinking Problem

It’s up to you where you want to go here and how you get there.

You can try moderation or abstinence.   You can use BOOM alone or combine it with other on-line resources and “real world” resources.

If you want to stop drinking for a while or forever we have many posts that you can read with different ideas on how to get through those first treacherous sober days and weeks, Survival Guide to Your First Days Sober is a great place to start. It is a post full of other posts, there are links included in each title. There are also many posts on our Boozemusings Community blog Website and inside BOOM.

There are members of our community at all stages of sobriety who will happily answer questions if you post them and please do!

Post often in Boom.

Share your thoughts and ideas and ask questions.

That is how BOOM really works. 

How to Join The Conversation

How do you start? 

Make it non-negotiable. Decide. Commit to at least a short term goal. Get the alcohol out of the house if you can, read this Survival Guide to Your First Days Sober and open the links in it to read more …

If you go to AA or Smart Recovery there is a structured routine to follow. A similar kind of structure is offered online in several places. Some of our members use a program called The Alcohol Experiment. There is also a website called Tired of Thinking About Drinking that offers a structured 100-day challenge. Both the Alcohol Experiment and the 100 Day Sober challenge feature a book written by the host of those websites and many free audio links and podcasts. You will also find many online sober coaching programs that cost varying amounts of money. 

Many of our members use BOOM in tandem with other programs. The internet is full of great free and paid resources to help you stop drinking or get your drinking under control. If you find that the free form style of BOOM does not work for you please do check out those other resources above. Your life is precious and every day not wasted to alcohol-abuse is a treasure!

Talk to Us 

It is not easy and only you can do it but you CAN do it if you DECIDE to. 

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