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Sober Curious? The Party Isn’t Over

Is alcohol essential for a good time? The catastrophic shortage of America’s most popular brand of spiked sparkling water is big news right now America is running out of White Claw hard seltzer. That’s the link to the article on CNN ‘s website. You’ll also find an article in the Atlantic, CBS News, Forbes, Business

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Embrace The Mess of Life?

Life is messyIt’s not all cleanImmaculateLike a glossy magazine I’ve seen how untidy things can beI can’t control everythingAnd it’s not just meIt’s everybody! From surface rubbish to mind full of crapNopeCan’t constantly control all of thatIt is what it isThat sentence though scaryMakes me feel a bit freeLifts the weight of my responsibilityFOR EVERYTHING

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