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Are You Maybe Sober Curious? An Invitation to Imagine The Life that Sobriety Cultivates

JOY an invitation to the Sober Curious

You can listen to a reading of this post on Spotify by Tapping the button above 2 years ago, while searching around the internet for help to stop drinking, I stumbled over some words that were not at all what I expected to be reading. The title of the article was pretty straightforward, Guide to

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Blogging Away from “Wine o’Clock” – A Sober Mom “Redefining Me Time”

Woman writing her way sober

You can listen to this post read by the author on Spotify by tapping this link I published my first public blog post in March of 2016. I had never intended to blog or had any interest in writing until I stumbled over a website called Hello Sunday Morning while searching blogs to help me

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Freely Feeling – Sober the Highs and Lows

Woman on trampoline Feeling the Highs and Lows Sober

Sober and Freedom, are not two words that I have often put together. Did I expect to feel free sober? No! Freedom was one of my biggest mental blocks to quitting drinking because for so long I framed alcohol as providing freedom. Freedom to be myself, freedom to shirk responsibility, freedom to be an adult, and make

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Looking Back from 5 Months Sober

woman walking with shadow- looking back from 5 months sober

I think it’s important to look back- from 5 months sober – to that place I was before . You know that place we go, that one that leaves us so scared and lonely and cut off. Those days /nights where you’ve drunk so much and you’re getting louder and slurring your words, and you’re

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