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Dry July 2020, Day 8 Alcohol- Free Inspiration

Dry July 2020 Day 8 alcohol-free inspiration Birds flying at sunset

When I stopped drinking five years ago, I was participating in an online community where some people were committed to never drinking again and others to a short term alcohol detox like Dry July. What I learned in that community that I may not have learned in a community strictly focused on long term sobriety,

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How Does it FEEL to Go Sober?

Theater Masks- How does it FEEL to go sober

There are many articles online about what to expect physically when you stop drinking. This article, Stages of Alcohol-Withdrawal , is excellent and we recommend it to all new members who join our online community Boom Rethink the Drink. One of the things that is easy to forget when you have been sober for years, is how

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Dry July 2020, Day 7 Inspiration to Stay Alcohol-Free Today

Dry July 202 Day 7 alcohol-free Inspiration, woman holding on to edge of cliff

In my lifetime there have never been more uncertain times. Australia seemed to have managed the first wave of the Covid pandemic quickly and efficiently but suddenly large areas are in lockdown. The second wave of Covid in the United States has started almost before the first wave rolled to shore. Bars and restaurants that

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The Sober Journey off the Shame Train and onto the Freedom Trail

When we begin our sobriety journey, we are often ready to jump onto the Shame train. Let’s derail that train and escape, for right next to the Shame Train, there is a Freedom Trail. Look, I get it.  Now that we are alcohol-free, our mistakes from the past are no longer wiped down by the

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