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Sober Treats – Loving Life in Lisboa Alcohol Free – Tease Bakery

Tease Bakery Loving Lisboa Alcohol Free

YUM!!! Cupcakes Chocolate Cupcakes And Red Velvet Cupcakes And the Queen of Cupcakes… Lemon Supreme If you are in Lisboa and looking for a great place to hang out alcohol free – if you’d like to while away a few hours with a friend or your journal, Tease Bakery, is well worth the trip. And…

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Are you Ready for Alcohol Free Holidays

Alcohol Free Vacation woman sunbathing on the Beach

When you’re first Alcohol Free, when you’re in early days of sobriety and are feeling a bit fragile, how do you enjoy holiday time – beach resorts, all inclusive vacation packages, cruises and big adventures full of tempting night life – without picking up the drink that you just put down? Are you ready? Do

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Trying on a Brand New Alcohol Free Me

Women Dressing Rooms Trying on a New Alcohol Free Me

Have I outgrown alcohol?Is that possible?Cheap wine, student spiritsVodka, peach snapsLost their appeal years agoI don’t care about any of that I moved onto quality wineFor a long time it was fineNow it’s not… I find it a dilemmaAm I outgrowing this too? Do I want something better?Is my wine habit like a favourite dress

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How to Stop Drinking Away the Pain-

I spent a long time not wanting to drink and found myself drinking anyway.  Sometimes it was a learned response to my body’s signals for something else like hunger or thirst. Sometimes I drank to numb emotional pain. If you spell the acronym HALT – hungry, angry, lonely, tired- those are the triggers that set off

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