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What is the Life Expectancy of an Alcoholic?

Broken Head What is the life expectancy of an alcoholic

Have you ever wondered what it means to be an alcoholic? When it seems that many people do drink habitually, what is the difference between deadly drinking and just a normal sort of “drinking too much”? I have heard people speak of addiction as a sliding scale. If alcohol addiction is a sliding scale from

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Join Us for Dry January Support and Inspiration

Dry January 2021 New Year Fresh Start Boom Rethink the Drink

The beginning of a New Year is a common time to reflect on our lives and look forward to the changes we want to make. If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve been reflecting on your life with alcohol and you don’t like what you see. Whether your goal is to do Dry January

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4 Essential Tools to Staying Sober

New Years Sobriety Tool Box

As I’ve moved through my first year sober, I’ve started to view sobriety as a practice, as an ever-unfolding complex web of daily negotiations, rather than as a binary ON or OFF switch. To me, a sobriety tool kit is not just a list of things we can turn to when times get tough, but

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10 Things I’ve Learned in 100 Days Sober

Woman's feet with flower 10 thionkgs I've learned in 100 days sober

In the future, when I think of 2020, I will think of the weeks I spent alone in a ski resort town. I don’t think I can accurately write about that time because not enough time has passed, but it was August, and I’d been sober for maybe two weeks. There in the mountains I

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