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What’s Your Secret to Sobriety?

Secret to Sobriety Fingerprint with dectective

Sometimes we need a gentle nudge to remind ourselves that the path towards sobriety is uniquely ours, like our fingerprints. With ridges, whorls, and loops, your fingerprints are unique to you and can’t be duplicated by me. And whilst you may try to imitate my fingerprints, they are mine alone and not for sale. To

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Alcohol-Free? Join the Sober-Curious Revolution

Cocktail Umbrella - sober curious- alcohol-free

At one year alcohol-free, one year happily sober, I barely ever think of drinking alcohol. I have finally moved past the feeling of ” Now what will I do if I am not drinking”. When the cravings occasionally do come, I go for a long walk or replace it with something quickly. Then it is

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Why I’m Glad I Stopped Drinking During the Pandemic

Poison Why I'm Glad that I Stopped Drinking During the Covid-19 Pandemic

If I were still drinking during this Annus Horribilis – If I were still Drinking during the Covid-19 lockdowns and the crazy insecurity that these rolling quarentines bring… I would “excuse” my drinking since these are such stressful times. I’d be up to 2 bottles at the weekend, rather than one, because “the world is going to

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