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Alcohol-Free? Join the Sober-Curious Revolution

Cocktail Umbrella - sober curious- alcohol-free

At one year alcohol-free, one year happily sober, I barely ever think of drinking alcohol. I have finally moved past the feeling of ” Now what will I do if I am not drinking”. When the cravings occasionally do come, I go for a long walk or replace it with something quickly. Then it is

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Why I’m Glad I Stopped Drinking During the Pandemic

Poison Why I'm Glad that I Stopped Drinking During the Covid-19 Pandemic

If I were still drinking during this Annus Horribilis – If I were still Drinking during the Covid-19 lockdowns and the crazy insecurity that these rolling quarentines bring… I would “excuse” my drinking since these are such stressful times. I’d be up to 2 bottles at the weekend, rather than one, because “the world is going to

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No More Day 1’s – Finally Sober – BOOM Rethink the Drink !

Happy Woman at Computer No Nore Day 1's Finally Sober BOOM Rethink the Drink Online community

Day 150 alcohol-free!  Woohoooooo!  It’s been almost 5 months since my last Day 1. Almost 5 months since a voice came from out of the blurry night saying, “YOU need to do something about YOUR drinking!”  The next day, I started reading like my life depended on it (hmmm–I’ll bet it did) and here we

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