Flowing Through the Seasons

Summer is passing and fall slowly approaches setting foliage ablaze and dowsing the leaves with the unfailing autumn rains. Brilliant golden days are replaced with mundane and fading grey. A solemn sadness creeps into life as the season of growth comes to an end. It is a harbinger of the darker days of winter yet to come and a time to seek shelter and respite from the chill and damp.

The onset of each repeating cycle of each repeating year reminds me of the cycles of my life. The ebb and flow that is inevitable within the march of unrelenting time. There have been days, months and years of spring reflecting love and optimism. Seemingly endless summers of contentment and calm. Inevitable autumns that summon a sense of loss and retreat. Then winters dark and cold when times are troubled and relief seems lost and far forgotten.

These are the years within years that appear and fade with the certainty that yesterday lies behind, tomorrow awaits my presence and today is all I have. I cannot alter that any more than I can avoid the changing of the seasons. I can only accept their onset, existence and passing as a matter of truth. They will come and go as sure as the tides rise and fall.

These are the seasons of living each with their own challenge or advantage. To somehow deny or ignore them is to cease being alive. To pass through them unaware or distant is to be absent from life. This is why I do not drink. I choose to be present and alive to experience all that is offered, no matter what.

Will you join me?

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