This Mum’s Done With Wine Time

Serving tea instead of Wine time

There’s been a subtle change
I never thought it would happen
The desire to relax and unwind
At the end of the day?
It’s still there and that’s fine
But I no longer feel
like chilling out with wine

There’s no point in it really
When the next day
I need to be up early clearly
Not wait for the hangover to fade

But it’s more than the fact
I don’t want to face that
It’s that alcohol isn’t harmless

It could lead me down the darkest path
That’s a world away from parties and laughs
The ones constantly being advertised

Don’t believe everything you see
Sometimes they are just pretty lies

Did you know a bottle of wine
every evening
Is classed as heavy drinking?

I thought it was fine
It’s so normalised

Now I find
That bottle of wine doesn’t taste as fine

What once was mellow
now tastes harsh
A cocktail of chemicals
coloured buttery yellow

There’s no disguising it now
‘Cos once you know you know
The veil has dropped
and the toxicity shows
This mum’s done
with mummy’s wine time

This poem was composed by Floss The author of The Runaway Train  and Nailing the Narcissist and

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