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Diffusing the A in HALT or How to Stop Drinking AT people

Bomb Emoji How to stop drinking AT people or Diffusing the Anger in Halt

But today I WON! I am sitting comfortably in my recliner. This is the site of MANY a drunken weekend, yet today, I am drinking sparkling cider from a crystal champagne glass. I am celebrating a victory. I came THISCLOSE to kicking the fuckit bucket this afternoon. Why? I got angry. Like, really angry. It

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What Does it Take to Stay Sober – Grabbing Ahold after Slips, Slides and Relapse

My aunt told me she once asked a coworker what it took for him to get sober and his answer was, “It took every drink it took.” I think about that a lot. In my previous attempts to let go of alcohol, I’ve gotten stuck in the “one size fits all” idea of recovery. The

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I Can Do Anything – Single Parenting Sober

Mother and son Single Parenting Sober

I’m my early days of sobriety I was struggling. Single parenting sober, trying desperately to meet all the demands of two small children while going through some real Huge emotions, working at a country club and being surrounded by alcohol on a daily basis…I just needed to not be needed. I was feeling overwhelmingly vulnerable

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How to Stay Sober on Election Day and at Other Times of Stress and Crisis

Statue of Liberty with American Flag - How to stayu sober on Election Day

There has never been an election day in the United States like this one. We are as divided as it is possible to be and both sides see catastrophe if the other wins. There is an energy of distrust in the air and the disturbing possibility that determining the winner may be a long, painful

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