This is a quick explanation of the difference between our Boozemusings blog and BOOM Rethink the Drink Community, for those who might be confused by the two seperate sites or concerned about privacy.

Boom Rethink the Drink is hosted by Mighty Networks. They provide the app that we pay a monthly fee to use for our community. Using the Mighty Networks platform allows us to be completely non-commercial and keep our community activity off traditional social media which is commercial to it’s core. There is no one tracking your behavior in BOOM for marketing or sales. There is none of that commercial analytics “stalking” that you hear so much about with social media that is for profit. We are also a private network within the Mighty Networks communities, so once you sign up and sign in everything you do inside BOOM is completely invisible to Google. These are Mighty Networks policies concerning Privacy and data protection Our Policies, Data Security Setup, and Privacy Promise

The only people who see what is in BOOM are the people who are members of our community – what that means is that you have to sign up and sign in to see what is here and people are not legally allowed to take stuff out of here or reproduce it without your approval. Boom is private. We also encourage you to be anonymous to further protect your privacy so that you can talk about anything at all that you need to talk about in your posts and articles in BOOM Thoughts on Anonymity, Profile Pictures and that “Share Something Amazing” Prompt

BOOM is in essence a blog. A place to interact on a specific topic with a community of peers. If you start a blog on WordPress or another blogging site you have to work at it a while to find followers in your topic. In Boom, we offer easy blogging. You don’t have to find people to interact with – they are already here. The ABC’s of Using BOOM

Why do we also have the Boozemusings blog then? Why not just BOOM? 

The way that you set up a private internet community is to not allow it to be searchable. Search engines cannot crawl our words in BOOM. 

But the problem with search engines not being able to crawl our words is that the way google search helps you find what you are looking for online is to crawl words and index them.

Most of you found us because search engines crawled the posts on Boozemusings and offered you a Boozemusings post when you searched a question- that is why this private community needs a very active public blog even though we do all of our talking in here – without words for google to index we are not offered in search results when people ask questions about drinking.

You cannot accidentally post to Boozemusings and inadvertently make your post public.

When you click on a link for Boozemusings that takes you out of our private Boom space on Mighty Networks to our public Word Press blog. Boozemusings is a public blog… so if you leave a comment on a Boozemusings post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or on the WordPress blog that is public… you will of course have to sign in to those forums to comment so you’ll catch it, but people have asked this question before so it’s important to clarify.

BOOM is 100% absolutely private. Nothing you say in here is visible on the web. The door is locked even to google search. The only public thing about BOOM is the front page which you can see if you go online and search BOOM Rethink the Drink – You have to sign out to see the front page – I’ll screenshot it and include the image here … so … this is BOOM Rethink the Drink

And this is Boozemusings, Which has many pages and lots of words for search engines to crawl so that more people can find us- I add more every day and that keeps us up the google feed

Anytime you head over to Boozemusings, especially if you go in through a search engine rather than just opening a link from inside BOOM- You help us grow too by reminding Google that our words are important 

But please remember — once you are signed into BOOM either in the Mighty Networks app or online at and looking at this 

Every single thing you say is said in privacy to this group 

If you have any questions please ask 

You’ll find our Community Regulations here BOOM Rethink the Drink Community Guidelines, Rules, and Regulations

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